Where I Belong

Ca12-en-a4dde83f6537e28b84a8e6757de65e17ptn Jac wasn’t always a sailboat captain. Spending his boyhood in the farmlands of Indiana, and subsequent decades pursuing his musical career, it took almost a lifetime to follow his tropical dream and arrive on the shores of Naples, FL. This musical production of Where I Belong is a reflection of that journey.

Join Captn Jac as he wanders exotic gardens and strolls white sandy beaches along the sparkling blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, reveling in the nostalgia of good friends and old times.
For all you tropical rock music fans, “Where I Belong” is available on the new ADVENTURES IN PARADISE CD, along with Change of Altitude (yes, altitude, not attitude!), The Keys Disease, Simple Life, Going Nowhere Fast, Who Could Ask for More, Celestial Navigation, Snowin’ in Jamaica, and Trop Rockin’. Now playing on your favorite trop rock internet radio station, including RADIO A1A, The TikiPod Radio, Beach Bar Radio and Songwriters Island Radio. Available for purchase on iTunes, BandCamp, ReverbNation and CD Baby. Check out Captn Jac on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Where I Belong” was published courtesy of Pilothouse Records.

Video production by Nancy R Koerner of www.junglepixiebelize.com

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