The Twelve Floridays of Christmas Now On The Air!

Today Captn Jac released the new (old) 12 Days of Christmas with a new Trop Rock Take. Enjoy!


Final Day to Vote in this week’s Trop 40

Good Day Captn Jac #phrends. Today is the last day to vote in this weeks #trop40. I you haven’t already voted, please go to the web site and vote for one of our songs on the chart this week. Then listen tomorrow to the countdown to see where we are. Have a great week end everybody!

Thanks to all who voted

Today is the last day to cast a vote for my new single “Change of Altitude” on this week’s Trop Rock Top 40. Calling all #TropRock #phriends to get out and vote!!

Click here to vote.



Thanks so much to the Captn’s #TropRock Army for helping put our song at #16 on the chart. Where would us sailors be without our charts!