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Today is the last day to cast a vote for my new single “Change of Altitude” on this week’s Trop Rock Top 40. Calling all #TropRock #phriends to get out and vote!!

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Thanks so much to the Captn’s #TropRock Army for helping put our song at #16 on the chart. Where would us sailors be without our charts!


Big Shoutout to my buddy JRobert!

JRobert – Marco Music Man September Issue 2016

JRobert Sept newsletter credited.jpg

Miss the First Show? Upcoming Second Show!

“Way down south, in the dappled shade of the tangled mangroves on the edge of the Ten Thousand Islands, there dwells a living legend — the Legend of the fabled Florida Fiddler. And who is the Florida Fiddler? Why, he is the Forrest Gump of the Everglades, the Johnny Appleseed of Big Cypress, the “everyman” renegade player-performer of that alter-ego, confounded, red-headed step-child of the instrument called a “violin” — otherwise known as THE FIDDLE! Yessuh. It was the Florida Fiddler who made the Devil Come Down to Georgia, who put the “blue” in bluegrass, the “orange” in the Orange Blossom Special, the “saw” in sawgrass, and the “sigh” in cypress.

So raise the brim of your straw hat, chew on a hayseed, and put your feet up while you embark on a magical journey from the banks of the Old Suwanee to the rollicking Tropic of Margaritaville. Now don’t be shy, folks! Ain’t nothing shy about the Florida Fiddler. Join right inLaugh, sing, and clap along with music, culture, and history from the Land of the Walking Tree!”

– Nancy R. Koerner

Visit JRobert’s Vimeo page to enjoy a wonderful synopsis of “J.Robert’s Florida Fiddler Show” from his August 13th performance at the Marco Players Theater!
Marco Players Theater Sept 10th, 2016
Town Center
Marco Island
8 pm Doors open at 7:15 pm

Tickets $20 at the Box Office


Caloosahatchee Flow

We all need
To live and breathe
And walk this earth together
It’s our turn
To live and learn

Do what’s right for each other

Chorus –
Sound the alarm!
Stop the harm…
For the Glades and Gulf of Mexico
Save the waters
For our sons & daughters

Let a clean Caloosahatchee flow

Read the signs
Now’s the time
Hear the thunder in the sky
Hand in hand
On Florida sands

Let’s keep our waters alive!

Chorus –

Dolphin & manatee
share with……humanity
Hold on and don’t let go!
Save the waters
For our sons and daughters

Let a clean Caloosahatchee flow


Captn Jac

My friend Captn Jac sailed down to SW Florida from Indiana in 2013 and we met at a WGCU Radio interview.

I could tell right away he was a Trop Rock dreamer looking to live the life Jimmy Buffett sings about!  The names of his songs – “Livin On the Hard” “My Bahama Mama” “The Island of My Dreams” and “On Marigot Bay” – all reflected visions of sun, sand, and sub-tropical Florida paradise.

Hey!  My kind of guy!  I’ve been living it for so long i almost took things for granted and forgot how wonderful it is living down here on Marco Island, Florida!

So we recorded on WGCU together, and we ran aground together on my sailboat “Blue Water” a couple times.  I invited him on quite a few gigs and he’s recorded my steel pan and fiddle on a few his island style, Caribbean themed projects…   I’ve gotta say, the Captn’s become quite the buddy!

So I would like to share the news of his upcoming CD called “Adventures In Paradise” which is due to be released this coming October 1st 2016.  Swing on over to his website and give him a hardy “Ahoy!” from J.Robert!

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Pilothouse Music Announces Release Date For New Captn Jac CD

standin-smilin-jacThanks to the people on the Graphics team and my studio buddies, the last song for the new album.”ADVENTURES IN PARADISE” is written and recorded.  At the present time,

it is in the hands of Bud Snyder at Spirit Ranch Studios for final mix down.  Two videos are currently in the planning stages as well.   Stay tuned for more details.